Shed (Antler) Hunt 2017 (Johnson County)

Apr 08, 2017

The weather finally cooperated and gave us a nice (if breezy) day for getting out and looking for antler sheds. 


We were all able to warm up around a fire and enjoy hot dogs and roasted marshmallows to keep our energy up for some hiking and exploring in the woods.

TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Joyce 2017-04-08 (8).jpg



Easter Egg Hunt??  Nope! Participants of all ages walked along the creek near Creekside Commons Park in North Liberty, looking for shed antlers, animals tracks, birds, the occasional mushroom, and other wonders of nature!

TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Behrens 2017-04-08 (7).JPG



One of the nicest features of this park is that it amply demonstrates what can be found in your own backyard! Here at a location that is often no more than a few feet from a local housing development, participants found plenty to explore and signs of everything from deer to bald eagles to raccoons and more! 

TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Behrens 2017-04-08 (4).JPG


TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Behrens 2017-04-08 (9).JPG


TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Behrens 2017-04-08 (2).JPG

TAKO-001 Shed Hunt - Behrens 2017-04-08 (1).JPG


To view more photos of the event, click here.


Thanks to everyone who came out and had a great time!

And TAKO would like send a special thanks to all our generous volunteers without whom this event would not have been possible, including:

Aren Calton, Greg Behrens, Brian Davis, Jason Egly, Judy Joyce, Dian Robinson, the families that helped us clean up after the event and many others! Thank you all so much!! 



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