Ice Fishing

Jan 17, 2017

TAKO went ice fishing at the North Ridge Park Pond in Coralville on January 14, 2017.

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We had a great event and a wonderful, better than expected turnout! (Sorry we ran out of chips!)

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Over 140 people (and 1 spiderman) joined us in the cold on the ice.

20170114_113415 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg 20170114_113342 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg 20170114_112427 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg

The kids enjoyed watching the holes get drilled in the ice!

20170114_112506 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg 20170114_113256 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg

At least one fish was caught (and released).

20170114_115313 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg

Luckily we had hot cocoa and soup to warm us up!

20170114_121228 (Large) (Small) (Mobile).jpg

We were so happy to see everyone outdoors connecting with nature!

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Thank you:
City of Coralville (co-sponsor)
Johnson County Conservation (co-sponsor)
Brad Freidhof for bringing the Ice Fishing supplies and telling us all about Ice Safety
Adrian Holmes (TAKO board member)
Risa Dotson Eicke (TAKO Secretary, board member)
Judith Evelyn Joyce (TAKO Executive Director)
 Beth Padgett (City of Coralville Park and Rec and TAKO Volunteer)
Brian Davis (TAKO Volunteer)
Lana Artz-McComb (TAKO Volunteer)
Cherie Haury-Artz (TAKO Volunteer)
Joe Artz (TAKO Volunteer)
Will Downey (TAKO Volunteer)

To see more photos, visit the photo album of the event.

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