TAKO at "Freeze Fest" in Iowa City

Feb 19, 2017

Despite a record high temperature of 69 degrees, Iowa City held its annual Freeze Fest event on February 18th at Trueblood Recreation area.

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TAKO had an outdoor spot (where most of the people preferred to be!) along Sand lake, with hot chocolate, roasted marshmallows

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and animal tracking with Will Downey.

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Many of the kids also played on the playground, which has a rock climbing wall

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20170218_133639 (Large) (Mobile).jpg

and a sand box.

Several kids found animal tracks, put a ring of paper around them, and then poured plaster in them to harden so they could take the track home with them!

20170218_142539 (Large) (Mobile).jpg

One kid found something and didn't know what it was,

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so he asked TAKO voluteer Cherie Haury-Artz who told him it was a nest from a paper wasp and it was made of chewed up leaves that the wasps spit out! One of the kids listening then spit on the ground and was told that human spit doesn't do the same sort of thing that wasp spit can do.

A girl named Daisy May met a dog named Daisy May, and they were both very excited about that.

Nearby, the Freeze Fest had snowshoe demos in the grass and games where you could win prizes.

20170218_142750 (Large).jpg

Several kids enjoyed walking along the lake shore. Everyone enjoyed the sunshine!

To view more photos of the event, click here.




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