Leif White


Leif White is a Christian, husband, and the father of two boys. He loves the outdoors. His dad introduced him to the outdoors, taking the family camping and hunting throughout his childhood. He was involved with Boy Scouts as a child but outside of Boy Scouts, he took his school mates camping. He was recruited by the Army and went to basic training between his junior and senior year of high school in Fort Benning, Georgia for the 1-133rd Infantry. He was deployed as a sergeant to Egypt and a combat life saver in 2003. As a Sinai souvenir, he purchased a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Leif specializes in fishing, camping, kayaking and coordinating outdoor events for others. He  has completed the Fish Iowa Certification DNR course. Leif has worked with Upper Iowa University and West Union Park and Recreation to implement a grant funded Outreach Fishing program for children, leading fishing excursions. He has participated in the Upper Iowa University Science and Environmental Club and has ridden RAGBRAI five times.

Leif currently works and takes classes at Upper Iowa University in Fayette. His degree of study is Conservation Management with a minor in Earth Science. He is President of Take A Kid Outdoors (TAKO) and a 4H fishing leader for Fayette County.  

One of his favorite things to do is getting people into the OUTDOORS!!!

“Man did not weave the web of life. He is nearly a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself...” Chief Seattle.

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