Gobble Wobble 2014

Nov 23, 2014

Our Autumn Hike, Ryerson's Woods, Iowa City 11/23/14. TAKO went on a Gobble Wobble on a rainy day at Ryerson's Woods in Iowa City.

Risa Dotson Eicke led the hikers with a challenge to say "Gobble Gobble" everytime they saw something cool! Some of the cool things to Gobble about included:

A BIG puddle, puffball mushrooms that "smoke" when you touch them, other mushrooms growing out of logs and trees, including some colorful orange and green ones, and some that looked like turkey feathers, a shag bark hickory tree, 2 bridges, knobby tree growth, cool logs, animal scat and more!

After the hike, we cooked veggie burgers, hot dogs and hot chocolate over the fire and then roasted marshmallows. At the shelter there were lots of fun things to explore, like a moth and a worm and puddles to splash in!


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