Gobble Wobble 2016

Nov 19, 2016

Our annual Gobble Wobble was held on November 19, 2016 at the Tom Harkin Trailhead/Rotary Camp on Clear Creek in Coralville. The "Wobble" began at 11:15 am and kids were instructed to shout "Gobble Gobble" when they saw something cool!

They shouted when they saw:
Bending trees
Fallen trees
A tree stump
An "Alphabet Y" shaped tree that was then determined to be an elephant trunk tree
20161119_124513 (Large).jpg

Pine cones
Locust pods
20161119_121935 (Large) (Mobile).jpg 20161119_121207 (Large) (Mobile).jpg

Boat ramp
Leaf prints on the paved trail
20161119_124601 (Large).jpg

Fire pit
And much more!

After the hike, participants ate hot dogs, veggie burgers and chips, drank hot cocoa,
20161119_113257 (Large).jpg
and roasted marshmallows over the campfire. There were a variety of marshmallows: caramel apple, regular and chocolate swirl. However, we discovered that:

20161119_115219 (Large).jpg

You cannot twirl
A chocolate swirl
Not if you're a squirrel,
Not if you're a turtle,
Not if you're wearing pearls
A marshmallow with a chocolate swirl
Only gets roasted on one side
Because when you attempt the twirl
From the flames the top just hides

We also made a pile of leaves to play, toss and hide in!
20161119_121954 (Large).jpg

To view the photo album of this event, click here.



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