Founded in 2006, TAKO is an organization based in Iowa dedicated to providing immersive outdoor experiences to children and people of all ages.

Take a Kid Outdoors, or TAKO as it is commonly known, was founded in 2006 by Richard E. "Dick" Jensen of West Union, Iowa. Jensen is a passionate advocate of all things within nature, and he brought together a group of people who shared his concerns about connected kids with the natural world. Our group wanted to promote unstructured enjoyment of nature and the outdoors. TAKO offers at least one free event per month that engages kids in outdoor fun. The group has sponsored everything from ice fishing, archery and sledding to panning for gold, planting corn and creating art in the park. An important element of the programs is adult involvement. We want the adults to enjoy and become more confident in doing things outdoors with their kids. We are growing the ability of adults as well.  Because of our results and great reputation, we were awarded the 2009 Governor’s Volunteer Award. In addition, the Iowa DNR has chosen our organization to lead the states outdoor outreach efforts.

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Upcoming Board Meetings:
January 18, 2018

2017 Board Meeting Minutes:
12/14/17 (pending approval)

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Our 501c3 Certificate:
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Board of Directors
  • Amelia Holden-McMurray, Fayette Committee Member
  • Dawn L. Amundson, Fayette Committee Member
  • Hai Huynh, Johnson County Program Coordinator

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